Due to the EPA's announcement of their National Compliance Initiative, the nature of our industry and our desire to be compliant to federal law and create a policy which allows us to build a sustainable business, we have decided to implement more restrictive rules as pertaining to what we can offer in custom tuning.


At this time we will not offer any tuning for street vehicles which enables emissions systems to be removed.  If you wish to remove emissions systems from your street vehicle, you do so at your own risk.  We will not shut off any emissions related codes on any vehicle which is tagged and driven on the street. There are ways that these codes can be shut off by the end user but we will not assist with this.


If you have an off-road only vehicle you must prove that your vehicle is not operated on public roads to receive any tuning that removes emissions systems.


We are also not selling any components which enable the deleting of emissions components.  You will not find any cat delete pipes or other emissions delete parts on our website and we will not sell them over the phone either.


We hope that our customers can understand our stance on these issues.  It is in all of our best interest to do what we can to keep this industry that we love viable for the future and we believe the only way that we can do this is to follow federal law as closely as we can and attempt to work with the EPA to find compromise on these issues.



Thank you for your understanding,

The Barth Tuning Team